Custom Labeled Pouches

Custom labeled pouches are a fast and affordable way to get your products on shelves. No matter what kind of product you sell, blank pouches are a great packaging option, especially when you add a custom label. Custom labels are the best way to show off your brand and add critical product information to your packaging.

Wizard Labels can provide custom labels in days, not weeks like other flexible packaging options. Read on to learn more about how you can elevate your product packaging with high-quality, custom product labels.

How to use custom labels on pouches for your product packaging

When it comes to product packaging, pouches are a convenient and affordable solution. A few key points to consider when packaging with pouches and custom labels:

  • Label Size – When choosing a size for your pouch labels, it’s important to find the perfect balance. If a label is too wide for your pouch, this can cause unwanted creasing and folding which can make your packaging look unprofessional. On the other hand, labels that are too small may be difficult to read, or out of proportion with the size of your pouch.
  • Pouch Weight Capacity – Another factor to consider is the holding capacity or weight of your pouch. You may need to label both sides of the pouch, allowing you to showcase all your product information on both sides. your brand and basic product details on the front, with important information like ingredients or instructions on the back.
  • Label Print Quality – To grab the attention of potential customers, ensure your labels are bright, vibrant, crisp, and clear. This is especially important for your product to stand out on store shelves. Your label quality is crucial to ensuring your labels are durable and long-lasting.
  • Custom Label Material – Choosing the right material and laminate for your labels is also essential. You can opt for white, clear, or metallic labels depending on the look you want to achieve. Additionally, you can choose between a matte or glossy finish, each offering a different aesthetic appeal.
  • Product Pouch Color – Considering the color of your pouch is also important. Clear pouches give your customers a clear view of what they are purchasing. On the other hand, colored pouches can match your brand and might be necessary to meet packaging regulations.
  • Product Pouch Style – Last, but not least, think about what style of your pouch you need. Standup pouches with gussets provide stability and convenience, while child-resistant zippers ensure the safety of your product. You also might want hang holes and tear notches for easy opening and display purposes.

Ensure your pouch labels fit perfectly on your packaging by consider these factors. This will make your product visually appealing and informative to consumers.

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