Custom Product Labels for Nutraceuticals

Nutritional supplements and personal health care products sold in health and natural food stores are a booming market segment. There are often stringent label requirements promulgated by national, state and local regulatory agencies, and consumers also have high expectations about what they want to see on the product label.

Because such requirements can often change with little warning, your nutraceutical labels must keep pace with the market and any regulatory changes. Using Wizard Labels’ innovative approach to online ordering and quick packaging label printing, you can print just enough product labels to meet current demand - which is better for cashflow as well as inventory control. Too often we hear of customers throwing out rolls of perfectly good nutraceutical labels because they didn't anticipate a change in requirements.

You can also easily reorder from Wizard Labels at your own convenience (24x7), either using your current nutraceutical label artwork or simply replacing artwork with revised content.