4 Reasons Why BOPP Labels Are Great For Labels & Stickers

Most label companies offer semi-gloss paper as their default material. Paper is cheap, but unfortunately it isn't very durable. It tends to fall apart when exposed to moisture, heat, cold, stains, or repeat handling. That's why Wizard Labels made a conscious decision years ago to use BOPP instead of paper.

BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene) is a specially-created labeling material made of thin white polypropylene plastic film.

BOPP comes in white, clear, and what we like to call “chrome” labels (which have a shiny silver-like appearance). Not sure which kind of label you need? Try some out. Request a free label sample pack now.

Here's why we recommend BOPP over semi-gloss labels:

1. BOPP labels are practically indestructible.

BOPP labels are designed to last the entire lifetime of your product.

By the time your customer has finished your product and is throwing out the container, paper labels will look much worse for wear. BOPP labels will still look brand-new, which makes it easier for your customers to reorder your product.

That’s because polypropylene film is durable, hard-wearing, immune to temperature fluctuations, stain resistant, acid resistant, solvent resistant, and effectively impervious to moisture and other elements.

BOPP stands up easily to punishment that would simply destroy a paper label. That keeps your product looking good throughout its life.

2. BOPP is perfect for almost any kind of product.

What kinds of products should use BOPP labels?

  • Bath and body products that are exposed to water, steam, and repeat handling for months on end.
  • Food products. BOPP labels are stain-resistant and acid-resistant. They also shrug off the condensation and temperature fluctuations of being stored in a refrigerator.
  • Cleaning or cosmetic products containing common solvents, acids, or bases.
  • Any product that will be exposed to moisture, heat, cold, or repeat handling.
  • Almost any product. For the vast majority of applications, BOPP is the perfect choice.

3. BOPP labels also look gorgeous.

Today, customers increasingly make their buying decisions online. That means that the image of your product is more critical than ever before. BOPP helps your product look its best online or on the shelf.

It's because of the way the printing process works. When ordinary paper labels run through the printing press, they tend to absorb some of the ink, and the resulting image can look flat and dull.

But the image stays crisp when printed on BOPP. That’s because polypropylene film doesn’t absorb anything. Instead, the ink stays on the surface of the label (and is over-laminated with a very thin layer of clear polypropylene for extra protection). As a result, BOPP labels look brighter and more vibrant then paper labels. That makes your product more eye-catching to customers.

4. At Wizard Labels, BOPP labels don't cost any more than paper labels.

BOPP may be big on durability and looks, but it's small on price.

Sure, paper may be marginally cheaper from a manufacturing standpoint, but it doesn't have any of the outstanding benefits of BOPP. So why not go straight to the premium product instead?

That's why we offer premium BOPP at no additional charge, while other printers use ordinary paper labels. BOPP is simply better.

But don't just take our word for it. Try out our BOPP labels, and then decide for yourself. Request a free label sample pack now.