Custom Cleaning Supply Labels

Cleaning supplies are a common household item but there is nothing common about your product. Whether it shines a mirror, polishes a counter or removes a stain, the cleaning supply label is one of the most important factors when shoppers are choosing which brand to purchase. Custom cleaning product labels are the visual cue that captures customer attention and is the primary marketing tool to help you stand out in a crowded field.

Custom product labels help make sure your cleaning supplies are chosen when shoppers make that all-important buying decision.

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Challenges with Cleaning and Sanitizer Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Cleaning Supply Labels Go through the ringer

Sanitizer labels, Window cleaner labels, dish liquid labels, and soft scrub bleach labels are just a few cleaning supply labels that you know will be handled by wet hands and last long periods of time.


Wizard prints on durable plastic label materials

At Wizard Labels we use BOPP Material when printing labels for cleaning supply labels. This is a plastic-like film which offers protection, longevity, and will stand up to the wear and tear of frequent use. The cleaning label will adhere to your spray bottle from day one of use until you empty it.


My Cleaning Supply Labels Must Reflect all my product variations

The days are long gone when your clean kitchen just had to smell like chemically created lemon or orange scents. There are hundreds of different scent options and your products need to reflect a variety. But will different scents do serious damage to your bottom line?


Wizard prints on digital presses which make it easy to combine your versions into a single run

With our leading-edge digital printing presses you can combine many "versions" of the same size cleaning labels into a single run, thereby saving lots of money when compared to traditional printing methods. Why sit on large supplies of cleaning labels you may never need, or that suddenly become unusable due to some minor ingredient or regulatory change?


Cleaning Supply Labels have to adhere to a lot of changing regulations

You ordered a bulk two-year supply of labels for your #1 selling cleaning products because your traditional printer talked you into a higher quantity for a lower per unit price. Two weeks later, regulations changed and an ingredient must be modified. What do you do with all the extra, never-to-be used labels?


Change is part of the game, move to just-in-time inventory of your product labels with Wizard

Don’t order extra labels in the first place. With Wizard you can easily order online, you can easily re-order online, and your orders ship (for free) within two days after your proof is approved. Keep your cash flow to run your business, keep ultimate flexibility in your product design by having just enough labels in stock, and most importantly eliminate paying for cleaning product labels you throw away!