3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Glossy Labels

Labels with a glossy finish give your products a clean, appealing look. Here at Wizard Labels, gloss finish is our number-one most popular choice. Why? There are three great reasons to have a glossy finish on your product labels.

1. Glossy labels make your product stand out.

When it comes to making your product look its best, start with the pristine smoothness of white glossy labels. The sleek shine of the gloss finish gives your products a polished look. It makes the background of your label clean and sharp, and the surface lustrous and smooth.

2. Glossy finish labels show off your images and text.

Glossy labels really show off deep and rich colors. Vibrant hues make images pop, which highlights your design.

Text looks sharper and crisper, too. Your brand becomes easier to spot on the shelf, and your product information is easier to read. As a result, your labels are more eye-catching and attractive to your customers.

3. Gloss over-laminate is rugged enough to stay beautiful for the lifetime of your product.

Want to know the secret to our virtually indestructible glossy labels?

It's simple: the gloss laminate goes on the label last, after the ink has already been printed. This glossy top layer protects the ink beneath from being scratched or rubbed off. It makes your labels far more durable.

At Wizard Labels, our most popular labels are white BOPP (made of thin plastic film) with a glossy finish. That combination of label material and gloss finish holds up exceptionally well to wear and tear. Plus, the white BOPP completely covers up the background color of your container, making your labels look at their absolute best.

See for yourself how terrific our glossy labels look. Request a free label sample pack.