Should I Use A Custom Shaped Label For My Product?

Whether shopping online or at a local supermarket, buyers today are exposed to a dizzying array of product labels of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

While many products use labels of a common shape (circles, squares, etc.), a growing number of product labels are custom shaped to capture buyers’ attention.

Why should I use custom shaped product labels?

Creating a uniquely shaped label can help any product stand out from the competition. Research underscores the impact of custom labels on buyer behavior.
Custom shaped labels are also chosen for other practical reasons. The product packaging being used may have an unusual shape (like the trigger packs used by many cleaning products) which, consequently, requires a custom shaped label.

Are there special considerations in designing custom shape labels?

When designing custom shaped labels, it is important that a "die-line" is included in the design artwork. This die-line is what is used to create the exact size and custom shape of the label.

Another consideration when designing custom product labels is whether you will use a single label, or front and back labels. If the front and back labels are different sizes and/or custom shapes, then Wizard Labels can help you decide the appropriate layout to achieve the best result for your product. For example, it is possible to have the front labels on one roll and back labels on another or the fronts and backs can even alternate on the same roll. This approach is often used in the beverage industry, as each bottle rotates through the labeling equipment and receives the front and back labels in a single pass.

Are there special considerations in designing custom shape labels?

Our significant investment in digital printing technology and laser-based cutting and finishing systems means we can produce affordable, compelling custom labels of almost any shape and color, WITHOUT the additional cost of custom dies, on a variety of label materials. Request a free sample pack to see examples.

Custom shaped labels are an excellent option for many products - but they benefit from careful consideration during the design process to ensure the end result works in practice.