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Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Guarantee Color Consistency Between Orders Of My Labels?

We occasionally get questions like this from customers who have had bad experiences with other printing companies, and in reality the print industry has always faced challenges with color consistency. The older traditional analog presses use liquid inks that are often hand-mixed for each job, or kept in bottles in anticipation of a need sometime in the future. The process of ink-mixing has certainly improved over time, but it’s still somewhat reliant on human involvement and individual judgement.

The good news is that at Wizard Labels, we use only the very latest digital presses and we calibrate them very frequently (often several times a day) to ensure that any deviation in color can be minimized as much as possible. With the advent of digital printing (and more specifically “process colors”) the technology removed the need for normal pre-mixed inks and switched to automatically mixing the 4 primary colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) in whatever proportions are appropriate to achieve the desired color - and this is done at the time of printing without the need for any operator intervention or preparation. This process helps ensure excellent color accuracy and consistency even months apart.

Can minor color variations still occur between calibrations? Yes, it’s possible - but any such shifts should normally not be noticeable to the human eye, and frequent calibrations also reduce the amount of variation even more. So, within reason, you can expect excellent color consistency regardless of how much time elapses between your orders.

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