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Frequently Asked Questions


I need a custom-shaped label - Can you help me?

Absolutely! Unlike most label printers, we have a high-tech laser machine that can cut almost any shape on almost any material (with a couple of minor exceptions).

Most label printers without laser-cutting equipment need to have custom dies made to cut special shapes  – which can cost you several hundreds of dollars and involve extra delays while waiting for a die to be made. With laser cutting, there are no die charges, but we do charge a nominal fee (usually $30) to prepare a special file that drives the laser beams to achieve the desired result.

Because our online Quoter has no way to predict the level of complexity involved with a special shape, we’ll need to see your artwork before knowing which fee to apply. So you should just choose the “Special” shape when quoting and ordering. Once we see the artwork, we’ll let you know whether the Laser Fee will be $30 – and assuming you approve the charge we’ll just add it to your order and proceed as normal.

SPECIAL NOTE: in order for our laser equipment to correctly cut your custom shape, your artwork files need to include a vector die-line showing precisely where the laser beam is required to cut the shape. Your graphic designer should know how to create a vector die-line, without which we can't produce the required result.

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