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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell machines that apply product labels?

No we don't. But there are many specialist suppliers of product label application machines ranging from very cheap to very expensive. If you're looking for an entry-level machine for applying labels to your products, there are a couple of well-regarded companies that our customers have reported good experiences with.

For semi-automatic labeler machines, check out or Both are family-owned businesses with excellent customer service and reasonably-priced products for semi-automatic label application.

Please keep in mind if you are researching label application equipment that all our labels are produced on 3" diameter cores, so make sure the equipment is built to handle 3" cores (which both of the above products do). It's also important to consider whether the equipment can accommodate rolls up to 8" in diameter - which is our standard maximum roll size unless otherwise requested. When using applicator equipment, it's usually more efficient to minimize the number of rolls you need to mount and get set up (often known as "changeover time").

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