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Can I get my labels alternating down the roll?

Front/Back Alternating label orders (and Sets)

We regularly get requests from customers for different versions of their labels to alternate along the roll – e.g. front/back/front/back etc, so the labels can be applied on an automated applicator that “spins” the container past the roll and ends up with both labels applied in a single pass. 

Similarly, we sometimes get requests for multiple versions to be grouped sequentially and repeated along the finished roll (e.g. A/B/C/D then A/B/C/D and so on). In both these cases, we refer to the combined groupings as “sets” – to differentiate them from the more normal approach of having each version on its own roll.

We can certainly make these special arrangements happen in production, but we need specific instructions from the customer during the ordering phase to make sure we understand what’s required. Our online ordering system is incapable of accommodating the infinite variations of sets that can occur, and the order will likely need manual adjustment once it’s received by us.

Another complication that can occur is if the individual versions are different sizes (e.g. a front label that measures 3” x 4” and a back label that measures 2” x 5” - which is not unusual in the wine industry). Placing an order for such non-standard combinations is best handled under supervision of our customer service staff – who can tell you precisely how to enter the order and get the correct price.

Conversely, if the labels are the same size then it’s much simpler.  For example, if you have 1,000 bottles of product and you want a front/back label set alternating down the roll (where both labels measure 3” x 4”), you should simply enter “2” into the Number of Versions field and “2000” into the Total Labels field – because that would result in 1,000 fronts and 1,000 backs.

However (and this is critical) – please DO NOT assume we’ll know that you need them alternating on the roll – you MUST add a note in the Optional Order Notes field on the Checkout page to that effect (e.g. “Front/Back Alternating please”) or you may end up receiving the two versions on individual rolls. Please understand that “sets” represent only a very small proportion of the orders we produce, and we’re not mind-readers. Even two versions of artwork clearly labeled “front” and “back” do not automatically indicate to us what the intention is, as the vast majority of customers usually want them on separate rolls and “alternating sets” are the exception in our experience.

Please also note that the first time you order a specific "set" of labels, we will apply a $30 ancillary charge to cover the cost of the initial setup (which is non-standard as explained) - but this is a once-off charge and will not be applied to re-orders of the same set.  When you receive your PDF proofs, you'll notice that the set is displayed with the elements side-by-side, indicating that they're to be printed that way.

In summary, if you’re not sure how to place your order for non-standard results, you should reach out to our Customer Service team for guidance. Once you understand the process and have had some practice it will become easier.

Finally, when you wish to re-order those same sets, you’ll find them listed as “Special” in your My Labels library on the website – but the dimensions will reflect the combined length of the versions in the set (plus any inter-label gaps between them). Again, if this isn’t completely obvious or you’re confused, just reach out and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

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