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Frequently Asked Questions


How Will I Know My Labels Have Been Shipped?

Once your Order has been packed and a shipping label printed, three things happen that give you access to the shipment information:

1. The shipment details (destination, package size, tracking number etc) are uploaded to the UPS website. This happens automatically whenever a shipping label is generated.

2. A Shipping Notification email is also automatically generated by UPS and sent to the email address you provided when placing the order. Note that it's not uncommon for UPS's emails to end up in customers' spam folders (depending on your spam settings), so please make sure that your spam/junk flters are setup to allow emails from through.

3. Lastly (and most importantly), our website is simultaneously updated to reflect the current Status of your order (it changes from Processing to Shipped), and the UPS Tracking number is also added to your Order - so you can easily check progress via the Order History section of your account (assuming you're logged in of course). The following images demonstrate how to access that information:




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