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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your labels suitable for frozen products (such as ice cream or frozen foods)?

Yes, but like many things in life…it depends.

The best advice we can offer in determining what will work for your frozen products is to test, test, test.

Our high quality BOPP labels with Permanent adhesive are an excellent choice when applied to the product container at room temperature and allowed to “set” prior to being placed in a freezer.

It is important to understand that temperature (and moisture) are likely to affect initial adhesion. The Permanent adhesive used on most of our labels performs in a service temperature range from -40F to +175F degrees and has a minimum application temperature of +25F.

However, it’s not a good idea to apply our labels to products that are already frozen (which can have ice and/or condensation on the surface that will adversely affect the adhesion) – make sure your containers are dry and clean before applying the labels, preferably allow 30 minutes for the adhesive to bond to the surface, and then freeze the product.

While there are specialty freezer-grade adhesives designed for application to already-frozen surfaces, they’re very rarely used by our customers at Wizard Labels and we don’t see enough demand to carry them.

So… order our free sample pack, cut the samples if necessary to fit your product, apply them, and see what works for your product. Again, testing is the best way to check how your labels will perform in unusual conditions.

Happy labeling!

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