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Frequently Asked Questions


On a multi-version custom label order, can I have different quantities per version?

Certainly - but within reason. For example, if your order is for a total of 2,500 custom labels for a BBQ Sauce spread across 5 different artwork versions (one for each flavor you offer), you might want 1,000 of one version, 500 each of the next two versions and 250 each for the remaining two versions (or some other logical breakdown to suit your business needs). However, in order to minimize unnecessary waste and to streamline the production process, the quantities for each version must also be in multiples of 50 labels. For example, you might order 250 of one version and 300 of another - but 275 or 325 are not acceptable quantities as they're not evenly divisible by 50.

Why is this important? - because we print multiple versions side-by-side across the raw material, so having random quantities between versions is extremely inefficient and wasteful in every way. Does that mean all versions need to be the same quantity? Definitely not - but we may want to work with you and adjust some of them if possible. This usually only becomes necessary when we receive an order for many versions and the individual quantities are likely to create unnecessary waste (or extra time to break down in production). In such cases, we'll reach out and see if there's an acceptable compromise. In the end, it could save you money and at the same time minimize the environmental impact.

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