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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Use Your Labels On Food Products?

Yes, but with limitations. Our label materials and adhesives are approved for “incidental food contact” - which means they’re fine for application to most food packaging but you shouldn’t apply them directly to the food itself.

The relevant FDA regulation is Title 21, Section 175.105 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 175.105). Compliance with this regulation permits the use of adhesives when they are either (1) separated from the food by a functional barrier (e.g. packaging) which will prevent the migration of the adhesive components to the food; or, (2) have only incidental contact with food, limited to the trace amount at the seams or edges of the label.

So, all the techno-jargon aside, you can confidently apply our labels to your food packaging (as opposed to the food itself) - just don’t make bacon, lettuce and label sandwiches for resale!

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