Custom Pet Product Labels

Pet products are common household items but there is nothing common about your brand. Whether it’s gourmet dog food or delectable kitty treats, your custom pet product label is one of the most important factors when shoppers are choosing which brand of pet product to purchase for their beloved animal companion. A custom product label is the visual cue that captures customer attention and is the primary marketing tool to help you stand out in a crowded field.

Personalized pet product labels help make sure your pet products are chosen when shoppers make that all-important buying decision. With our digital print technology, your pet food labels will stand out on the shelves.

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Challenges with Pet Product Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Pet Product Labels Need to Reflect Changing Customer Demands

Have you heard about the recent demand for gluten free dog food? Maybe you ordered a bulk supply of labels for your #1 Selling Dog Food that has always been gluten free. But now you really need to advertise that. What do you do with all the never-to-be used pet food labels?


Wizard Labels Allows You to Print in Small Batches

Your product may stay the same but your marketing has to keep up with customer trends. Wizard Labels allows you to order professional product labels in small quantities and then easily reorder for quick delivery (just-in-time inventory controls). Keep your cash available for product innovations instead of locking it up in large inventories that might get wasted.


Pet Labels Need to Stand Out

For some folks, their pets are their children and their pet care budget reflects that priority. Your pet food label needs to convey the quality of your product and the care these customers place on the health of their pet.


Wizard prints on digital presses which make it easy to combine your versions into a single run

Wizard is in the business of professional digital printed labels, not stickers. Your product deserves the same quality as pet food labels produced by large corporations. You can't afford to not live up to an on-the-shelf comparison.