Picture of Health Product Labels

Custom Health Product Labels

The health product industry is booming. When customers go looking for a remedy for an ailment they are often overwhelmed by the wide range of choices. How will your products stand out from the rest? The health product label is the biggest differentiator when most consumers make purchasing decisions. The ingredients in your product are critical and the product label is where they look for that information.

A custom health product label is the visual cue that captures customer attention and keeps it with the valuable ingredient information about your product.

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Challenges with Health Product Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


The rules are constantly changing about my health product labeling

Without much warning, various government agencies can change the rules about how I label my health product. I need the ability to be flexible with my labeling so I'm not caught with a huge inventory of out-of-compliance product labels.


Wizard allows you to order product labels on demand

Just about everything that can change will, your customer's preferences, government regulations, you need to be ready to make adjustments without waste. Wizard's digital product label printing presses and online ordering allows you to easily restock inventory just when you need it.


My Health Product Label needs to stand out

I prefer to use realistic photos on my product label, showing the healthy vibrance that my product helps customers achieve. If the people don't look healthy on the label, the impression of the product won't impact my target buyers.


Wizard Prints on High Quality Digital Presses

Our presses produce high-quality product labels, ensuring your images are realistic. The healthy, thriving humans on your label will look great because we use the highest-grade materials in the industry, combined with the best digital label presses available.