Hot Stamp & Embossing

Customers want to connect with a brand! That usually happens through loving the product they are buying as well as enjoying the way it looks. Today the market can be saturated with numerous brands all fighting for attention. The first thing they see on a product is the custom label. Hot stamp and/or embossing can really bring it up a notch and demand attention on the shelf. Using one or both techniques can help your label pop!

Pro Tip: Combine both hot stamp and embossing for a truly unique label experience that your customers will love!

What is hot foil stamping?

With hot stamping, metallic foil is directly stamped into the labels. The heat provides a distinctive sheen and opens new creative design possibilities for your brand. Plus, we offer an extensive library of foils to choose from to create your new hot stamp design!

What is embossing?

Embossing is a printing process that provides a unique tactile experience on your product labels. Embossed labels can emphasize an image or line of text, giving special importance to that part of your label design by raising it above the surface. Any type of imagery or text can be embossed so your options are limitless!

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