All About Estate Labels

Estate labels are made of finely-crafted textured paper that adds an air of sophistication to any product. Originally created for fine wine bottles, Estate labels are now a popular choice for wrapped soap, candles, and a wide range of other handcrafted or artisan products.

Estate labels are made of an attractive, fine-grained paper with a beautiful antique look. The subtle textured finish of these labels communicates a measure of excellence about your product that no other kind of label can match.

What colors of Estate labels are available?

Wizard Labels offers Estate labels in two popular colors:

  • Estate #8 is a pristine white paper label, perfect for conveying a distinguished, upscale look.
  • Estate #9 is a popular cream-colored alternative. The delicate light ivory color gives a more natural look to both images and text, adding a subtle warm tone to your label.

How durable are paper Estate labels?

Because Estate labels are made of uncoated paper, they are not recommended for products that will see repeated handling or be exposed to moisture or liquids.

If you need an upscale label that is also durable enough to meet harsh conditions, you might consider using BOPP labels instead.

What kinds of products should use Estate labels?

While Estate labels are often used on fine wine bottles, they are an excellent choice for many other products including candle labels, soap labels, gourmet food labels, and more!

Estate labels can give your products a premium feel, and communicate a tradition of excellence. These fine paper labels wrap your product in an air of status, and invite your customers to pamper themselves.

Both white and cream-colored Estate labels add an extravagant touch for those customers who demand excellence. The unspoken message of Estate labels is that the product beneath is worth every penny.

Ready to compare Estate label material?

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