Custom Tin Labels

Nothing lends your product honest-to-goodness appeal like a tin box or canister. The old-fashioned charm of a tin container gives your products the feel of genuine authenticity. But it can be a challenge to find durable and attractive tin labels that are sized just right for your container. That’s why Wizard Labels prints custom-sized tin labels using a wide selection of quality label materials.

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Challenges with Tin Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Tin Labels Need to Withstand Frequent Handling Without Looking Worn Out

Most products in tins are used multiple times, so the containers are handled frequently. Tin labels need to resist scratching and rubbing, while still looking great. Plus, tin labels must withstand exposure to the contents of the tin (ointments, lip balm, soap, etc.) without staining or coming loose.


Wizard Labels Recommends Durable BOPP Labels

Our #1 most popular label material is BOPP, a specially-designed label material made out of a long-wearing plastic film. BOPP resists moisture, acids, solvents, and stains. Plus, we coat each label with your choice of gloss or matte over-laminate, which protects your labels from scuffs and keeps them beautiful for the lifetime of your product.


Labels for the Top and Side of the Tin Must Coordinate

Round tin containers often need two labels: a circle label for the lid, and a rectangle label for the side of the tin. This is especially true for face cream tins, lotion tins, soap tin, or other types of cosmetics tins. You also need enough label space to accommodate any FDA-required information.


Wizard Labels Prints Custom Size and Custom Shape Labels

Here at Wizard Labels, you aren't limited by standard sizes or shapes. Every label we print is completely custom, so you can get exactly the tin labels you need to fit your containers. And because we utilize the latest cutting-edge printing technology, your labels will come out beautiful, every time.