Expert Customer Service Can Make the Difference

We’ve all experienced the anxiety in ordering an item or service from a seller who doesn’t seem to appreciate or understand what problem you’re trying to solve. In successfully ordering custom product labels, competent customer service professionals can be an invaluable resource.

While the custom product label industry includes many knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals, it is also true that some label firms invest too little in acquiring and developing talent among the customer service ranks. This can result in higher staff turnover, unsatisfactory client-customer service interactions, errors, delays, and higher costs.

It seems odd to us at Wizard Labels that some firms focus so little attention on the function that is directly engaged with customers. We have a different perspective. 

We complement Wizard Labels’ worry-free online ordering system with our 100% US-based customer service staff. These experts have invested a minimum of ten years per person as customer service professionals in the custom product label industry. To this extensive experience we add regular training related to new label production processes, enabling technology, and changing customer expectations.

In addition to our customer service team, you can access several useful resources like a Product Labels Fundamentals introductory paper available via the Wizard Labels website.

While we don’t profess to being able to immediately answer every possible custom product label question, you can be assured you will always be treated with respect by a knowledgeable, experienced customer service veteran who appreciates what you’re trying to do and will work with you to create the best possible results.