Personalization and Digital Printing - a Perfect Match!


It’s Personal!

These days, everywhere you look you see “personalized” products, from coffee mugs to tee-shirts and everything between. From custom product labels (our bread and butter) to products on websites like, sophisticated technological advances make personalization possible – and affordable.

This phenomenon is easily demonstrated in the product label printing business. Due to our use of the latest high-tech digital printing presses, we can print numerous “versions” of your labels in the same print run – even if the artwork is completely different. The only caveat is that all the variations need to have the same basic characteristics – i.e. material, size, shape.

For example, if you have 4 flavors of sandwich spread, you could design 4 very different labels with photo-quality images to illustrate the specific flavor (raspberry, strawberry, grape and orange) – making your products much more alluring to the shopper. Using our digital technology, we can print those flavors together – with no press changeovers, no expensive printing plates, unlimited colors at no extra charge, and much more affordably than could possibly be achieved using traditional printing technologies.

For sellers, personalization can help a brand appeal to customer tastes and preferences. It can also help spark customer loyalty or “stickiness” by establishing a personal connection to your products.

Wizard Labels uses sophisticated high-tech digital printing presses, and laser-based cutting finishing systems to enable our standard two-day production times and print beautiful picture-perfect labels that will appeal to your end customer.

The fact is – personalization and digital printing are intertwined and here to stay. So let your creative juices flow and stand out from the crowd!