Custom Label Printing for Natural Product Labels

Changing social and cultural norms have opened markets for Hemp, CBD and cannabis-based products. Buyers today are exposed to a dizzying array of custom product labels of different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is said that a product has three seconds to capture a buyer’s attention – a one and only chance to make a compelling first impression.

Creating a unique custom product label can help your product stand out in the increasingly complex and cluttered marketplace, and research underscores the impact of custom product labels on buyer behavior.

However, creating an engaging and compelling custom product label can be a daunting endeavor. Luckily, the team at Wizard Labels is here to share our knowledge based on years of experience with printing custom product labels. Wizard Labels prints ONLY custom product labels. Our significant investment in digital printing technology and laser-based cutting and finishing systems means we can produce affordable, compelling custom labels of almost any shape and color, on a variety of label materials.

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Challenges with CBD, Hemp or Cannabis Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Labeling rules continue to change for my CBD, Hemp or cannabis products

Federal, state, and local label regulations, including sequential numbering and barcodes, warning labels and more, continue to rapidly evolve. I need the ability to be flexible with my labeling so I'm not caught with a huge inventory of out-of-compliance product labels.


Wizard allows you to order product labels on demand

Just about anything can change - customers’ preferences, container shapes, government regulations - and you need to be able to adapt. Wizard's convenient online ordering and two-business day production turnaround allows you to easily reorder labels just when you need it.


My Hemp & CBD product labels need to stand out

To stand out from the bewildering array of new products, I prefer to use images and unique designs on my product labels. If the images and designs aren’t clear and crisp, my product won't capture the attention of my target buyers.


Wizard Labels prints using high-quality materials and digital presses

Our presses produce high-quality product labels, ensuring your images and photos are realistic. The crisp images on your label will look great because we use state-of-the-art digital printing presses and the highest-grade label materials in the industry. Request a free sample pack.