Free Shipping: 2-Day Or Faster

At Wizard Labels, we believe you shouldn't have to wait longer than necessary for your labels - especially if they're spending many days in a truck (or a train) somewhere crossing the country to you. Since the day the first labels rolled off our presses, we have been the only label company to offer free maximum two-day shipping on every order.

Note: it's important to understand that when we talk about "shipping" times, we're referring to the delivery process (not the production process) - i.e. how long it takes UPS to get them to your nominated destination once they leave our plant.

Just how fast is our free "maximum 2-day" shipping?

We're fast. When you order labels from Wizard Labels, they will arrive in a maximum of two days after we hand them to UPS - barring weather delays, unexpected operational issues, or natural disasters of course. Depending on where the destination is located (i.e. how far from our factory), your labels may arrive even sooner than that.

Our free shipping extends to all 50 states (including Hawaii and Alaska), plus Washington D.C. No matter where you are in the United States, your labels will ship 2-day or faster—for free.

Even better than free shipping from other label companies.

Most other label companies will tag on an added shipping charge to your order. Wizard Labels has never charged for our standard 2-Day shipping, and we never will.

A few label companies out there do offer free ground shipping. But ground shipping is the slowest possible way to get your labels. Depending on the destination, ground shipping can take up to four days, five days, or even longer - so we automatically send long-distance shipments by Air to avoid those delays.

Wizard Labels offers the industry's only free 2-day shipping to anywhere in the country.

Next Day Air also available anywhere in the USA.

When time is of the essence, and you absolutely need your labels even more quickly, you can choose express shipping at checkout for a modest extra charge (calculated on order size and destination). Once your labels are produced and despatched, we'll upgrade them to Next Day Air to arrive by 10:00 AM. Of course, we have no control over a shipment once it's in UPS's hands, but in many years of using UPS exclusively we've encountered very few instances where they've missed their stated delivery times.

That said, expecting overnight delivery in the midst of a blizzard or flood is possibly asking a little much - so allowing some wiggle room is always the best approach if possible. Even Wizards have their limits.

Get free label samples, fast.

Not only do our labels ship faster, they are also manufactured to the highest standards. See the quality of our labels for yourself. Request a free label sample pack now.