4 Times You Should Choose Matte Finish Labels Instead Of Gloss Labels

Choosing a finish is one of the biggest choices you’ll make about your labels. Glossy labels always look great, but there are times when a matte finish label can look even better. When should you choose a matte finish instead of gloss?

It all depends on how you want your products to look. Here are four situations when matte finish labels make your products look even better.

1. Natural Products

Matte finish labels are perfect for products made with clean and natural ingredients. The simplicity of the matte finish gives your labels a rich, almost buttery satin surface that communicates natural goodness. It's the perfect finish for natural foods, health and wellness products, eco-friendly products, or anything with a wholesome image.

2. Classic Products

The subtle and understated colors you get from a matte finish are perfect for creating a traditional or vintage look. Matte finish adds a rich patina to your labels that lends them a subtle authentic feel. It's a classy choice for products that have an elegant retro look or need to communicate genuine quality.

3. Hand-Crafted Products

By definition, matte finish is the opposite of slick. It doesn't look as polished as glossy labels. That means matte can give your products an unfussy, unpretentious, old-fashioned goodness. If old-school craftsmanship is a core part of your messaging, choose the craft look of matte finish labels instead of gloss.

4. Unique Designs

Glossy labels are by far the most popular choice. So if you want to set your product apart from the competition, consider using a matte finish. The muted colors and satiny smoothness of matte finish adds a veneer of uniqueness that helps your products look exceptional.

Tip: matte finish labels are just as durable as gloss.

Because the matte finish is laid down on top of the raw label material, after the ink has already been printed, it's an extremely rugged finish. The matte coating prevents ink from being rubbed off or scratched, which keeps your products looking great for as long as your customers keep them.

Compare for yourself: glossy labels versus matte finish labels.

Is a matte finish the right choice for your labels? Ultimately, it depends on the look you want for your product. Why not check out all of your options side-by-side? Request a free label sample pack now.